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Sentek Solutions supply a wide range of specialist optical electronic devices and sensors into the European market.

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The company was founded in 2004 and has over 15 years of industry-specific expertise. We work closely with our primary partner Hokuyo Automatic to provide ways to increase efficiency, productivity and safety in a variety of industry-specific environments.

Sentek Solutions is the only authorised European distributor of Hokuyo products. In addition to this, Sentek Solutions also offer high-quality products from German manufacturers SSZ and PPT. Included in our product portfolio is a range of specialised safety products which are intended to support these sectors. The Hokuyo UAM-05LP safety laser scanner is included in this range.

There are various ways to buy products from Sentek Solutions. Whether it is directly from us or via one of our endorsed specialist value added resellers you will always receive a high level of customer service, expertise and support that is befitting of our product portfolio. Our head office is located in Weston, Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. The German branch of Sentek Solutions (GmbH) was opened in Spring 2019. The office is located in Schwanau, Baden-Württemberg.

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Sentek Solutions’ vast product range includes devices made for use in various market sectors. These sectors include:

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation

Semiconductor manufacture

Semiconductor manufacture


Mobile vehicle robotics AGVS/FTS

GEO mapping

GEO mapping



Port Automation

Port automation


By working with manufacturers of this calibre Sentek Solutions can guarantee that all of the products that we sell are of a quality that is in line with our own expertise and experience. Together with our partners we provide solutions to maintain both an efficient and safe working environment in various industries.



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