Outdoor LiDAR sensors and obstacle detectors for ports

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In all modern day port operations it is crucial that processes are operating as smoothly and as safely as possible. This can be achieved by our Hokuyo outdoor LiDAR sensors.

Anti-collision devices and shape recognition LiDAR sensors are playing an ever increasing role within the port environment. These devices can save huge sums of money through efficiency and accident avoidance.

Our long range, robust outdoor LiDAR sensors are the ideal solution for keeping things moving smoothly and safely.

Harbour side cranes are an essential part of this process and need to be protected against potential collisions that cause unnecessary breaks in operation.

Greater port efficiency can be achieved through shape recognition applications on both harbour side and gantry cranes. This allows cargo to get to its destination swiftly and with minimal problems.

Stack profiling using LiDAR sensors makes processes far more efficient and timely, again providing greater productivity in this time critical environment.

Radar sensors

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Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar sensors designed for collision avoidance applications on cranes, mobile cranes or vehicles.

2D LiDAR sensors

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Providing scanning on a single plane we provide LiDAR’s with an ultra-compact short range (5m) to rugged outdoor options with a range 100m+.

3D LiDAR sensors

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Using time of flight technology, 3D LiDAR adds an additional dimension to the highly accurate LiDAR range of products with an additional vertical scan.

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