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Outdoor LiDAR technology

A must for port automation?

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The Use of Drones

Drones are being used in increasingly inventive ways across a wide range of industries.

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The role of LiDAR for Autonomous Navigation

LiDAR scanners make autonomous navigation possible. Read here to find out how.

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Achieving high levels of safety

Why is safety important and how can our products help you keep you safe?

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Autonomous delivery vehicles

It will soon be commonplace to open your door to a small unmanned vehicle carrying your parcel

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Can humans and robots work together?

If humans can’t trust the robots and technology they’re working alongside, there will be trouble ahead

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Guten Tag Germany – Sentek Solutions GmbH

We’re really excited to announce that our new office has opened in Germany

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The future of robotics and automation

What do robotics and automation actually mean? We’ll walk you through the differences...

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Using a Hokuyo LiDAR to win the Roborace!

An exciting research project in the area of autonomous and self-driving vehicles

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LiDAR or radar?

Read this blog to find out more about the LiDAR and radar solutions Sentek offers

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New opportunities with 3D LiDAR scanning

The new Hokuyo YVT-35LX 3D LiDAR scanner is now available and we’re excited

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Hokuyo LiDARs are the driving force behind the GEO sector

Digital technology is changing the way we design, construct, and maintain our infrastructure

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Showcasing the future of robotics

In March, we were in Stuttgart for LogiMAT, the biggest exhibition in Europe for warehouse logistics

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