New opportunities with 3D LiDAR scanning

The new Hokuyo YVT-35LX 3D LiDAR scanner is now available and we’re excited about the countless industry opportunities that it can be used for.

The Hokuyo YVT-35LX

To date, Hokuyo’s scanners have only had the functionality to scan on a flat 2D plane, but the YVT-35LX is their entry into the 3D LiDAR scanning arena and offers a credible alternative to current options available from Velodyne and Sick.

Instead of using multiple Hokuyo LiDARs, computing power and external devices like ‘pan tilts’, the YVT-35LX can provide point cloud data all by itself.

Wondering what point cloud is all about? Well it’s a very accurate digital record of an object or space. It’s saved in the form of a very large number of points that cover surfaces of a sensed object. This technology helps AGVs navigate warehouses far more effectively as the view is enhanced from 2D to 3D, eliminating the likelihood of collision.

The YVT-35LX scanner has an IMU sensor which lets the user gather a data-rich point cloud. In one frame, a point cloud can be generated with 2,590 points. The point cloud density can be increased further using the interlacing mode too.

What point cloud data produced by the YVT-35LX will look like

With a wide field of view, the YVT-35LX gives you a 210° horizontal and a 40° vertical scanning angle. And the detectable range is 35m to the front and 14m to the sides (further with reflectors). To process the data easily, the scanner has ethernet connectivity, which enables faster data transfer.

The scanner’s IP67 protective structure makes it suitable for use in various environments. Plus, the multi-echo system, also a feature of other high-end Hokuyo LiDAR scanners, means that a point cloud can be created outside, even in fog, mist or rain.

 How the Multi-echo function works

Here are just some of the applications for the Hokuyo YVT-35LX 3D LiDAR scanner:

  • Detecting surroundings for robots.
  • Container profiling and positioning at busy ports.
  • Obstacle detection and pallet shape on forklift trucks.
  • Smart farming and agriculture.
  • Depth measurement in the construction industry.
  • GEO mapping.
  • Counting people at building entrances/exits.

With this scanner’s capabilities, we believe that it can provide a range of industries with new ways of working. For more information on the scanner’s specifications, click here.

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