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Hokuyo Automatic Co, Ltd was founded in 1946, in Osaka, Japan. Today they remain headquartered in Japan and Sentek Solutions distribute the product range across northern Europe. Products include LiDAR scanners for navigation and obstacle detection, a safety certified LiDAR and various data transmission products. In addition to these, there are a number of specialised E84 semi-conductor approved products that are designed for this very specific market sector.

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2D LiDAR sensors

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Providing scanning on a single plane we provide LiDAR’s with an ultra-compact short range (5m) to rugged outdoor options with a range 100m+.

3D LiDAR sensors

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Using time of flight technology, 3D LiDAR adds an additional dimension to the highly accurate LiDAR range of products with an additional vertical scan.

Safety LiDAR

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Small yet powerful laser scanners providing both area configuration with a 5m safety zone and up to 40m distance data for navigation purposes.

Data transmission

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Devices with a transmission range of up to 3m with 4, 8 and 16 bit data packets and long range serial devices with transmission distances of up to 200m.

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