AT-CA-Type M


Collision avoidance radar, stationary or mobile targets.

Common Applications

Collision avoidance for large vehicles

Operation Benefits

Indoor/ Outdoor - Both
Range - 0.2m to 20m
Scan window/ angle - Horizontal 70° (+/- 35°) can be configured as 90°, Vertical 11° (+/- 5.5°)
Communication - CAN bus 2.0b, RS422 for configuration
Dimensions (l x w x h) - 100mm x 100mm x 42mm
Weight - 650g

Technical Information

Technology - Radar FMCW – Frequency modulated continuous wave 24,000-24,250Ghz
Range - 0.2m to 20m
Field of View - Horizontal 70° (+/- 35°) Can be configured as 90°, Vertical 11° (+/- 5.5°)

Product details

Multi-Purpose Collision Avoidance Radar the AT-CA Type M can work as either a single unit or installed on any vehicle or non-moving machine, or as part of a set to cover wider areas.
The AT-CA Type M sensor detects moving or stationary obstacles within range and sends distance and zone value information via CAN communication to the customer's monitoring system. The output data includes up to 5 zones that can be configured by the customer for easier integration.
The AT-CA Type M Radar can be connected to one or more additional sensors to work in 'buddy mode' . A set can be configured with 2 Radars (1 x Type M + 1 x Type S) communicating with each other for an enhanced detection area. 3 standard 'buddy modes' are configurable: A square area, a semicircle area, and a set of freely arrangeable radars which are programmed to not interfere with each other.
The 'buddy systems' Radars are preconfigured as ordered by the customer, ready for immediate use. For each application the Radar sensors parameters must be configured to match the requirements.
The following items are configurable:- Sensor ID- Zone size- Vehicle width (only square mode)- Sensitivity-

  • Accuracy - 2% of distance measured
  • Repeated accuracy - NA
  • Detection range - 0.2m to 20m, 1 metre increments
  • Resolution - Decimeter
  • IP Rating - IP67
  • Connections - M12 4 pin supply and output, M12 5 pin buddy connection (or terminator plug)
  • Output - CAN bus
  • Supply voltage - 10-30vDC
  • Max current - 500mA
  • Response time - 71mS
  • Operating temp. - -40° to 85°
  • Storage temp. - -40° to 100°
  • Approvals (CE TUV UL CSA etc) - CE FCC IC
  • UK EU ISO Standard compliance - Radio Standard ETSI EN 300 440 with 250MHz bandwidth
  • Case/material - Lower housing – Alg, black anodized, Housing cover – POM Plastic black
  • Weight - 650g