Collision avoidance radar, for cranes in port application. Stationary (70/11) or moving (70/11 ST).

Operation Benefits

Indoor/ Outdoor - Both
Range - Up to 12m
Scan window/ angle - Horizontal 70° (+/- 35°) Vertical 11° (+/- 5.5°)
Communication - RS422 for configuration
Dimensions (l x w x h) - 100mm x 100mm x 42mm
Weight - 650g

Technical Information

Technology - Radar FMCW – Frequency modulated continuous wave 24,000-24,250Ghz
Range - Up to 12m
Field of View - Horizontal 70° (+/- 35°) Vertical 11° (+/- 5.5°)

Product details

The CRAT20-70/11 Radar are Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar sensors. Designed for port and intermodal environments, they are unaffected by changes in weather or light conditions. The CRAT20 range of sensors have been successfully used in the hot climates of the Middle East and the freezing ports of Northern Europe.
The CRAT20-70/11 has a wide 70° horizontal x 11° vertical beam characteristic, with a maximum range of 25 metres providing a large area of protection. The CRAT20-70/11 is ideal for use in side protection applications on Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes (RTG), Rail Mounted Gantry cranes (RMG), Ship to Shore cranes (STS), AGV's or stacker trucks. Typical applications include object detection (unexpected obstructions in the cranes path), the CRAT20-70/11 sensors can detect moving or stationary objects and provides vital warning information to the driver in areas where vision is restricted.
Each CRAT20 provides 3 switched outputs. These can easily be programmed to switch at distances suitable to the applications for example warning / slow down and stop functions. Once programmed the sensor requires no further operator attention and the CRAT20-70/11 Radar has been shown to provide years of reliable service.

  • Accuracy - NA
  • Repeated accuracy - NA
  • Detection range - Up to 12m, 0 – 1m not evaluated, 1 – 4m moving objects only, 4 – 12m moving or stationery objects, (1m increments)
  • Resolution - Decimeter
  • IP Rating - IP67
  • Connections - M12 5 pin supply and output Configuration connector
  • Output - 3 x Open collector outputs (configurable)
  • Supply voltage - 24VDC (+/- 20%)
  • Supply current - 130mA
  • Max current - 130mA plus 50mA / Output
  • Response time - <50mS
  • Operating temp. - -40° to 85°
  • Storage temp. - -40° to 85°
  • Approvals (CE TUV UL CSA etc) - CE FCC
  • UK EU ISO Standard compliance - Radio Standard ETSI EN 300 440 with 250MHz bandwidth
  • Case/material - Lower housing – Alg, black anodized, Housing cover – POM Plastic black
  • Weight - 650g