Position based technology combining absolute and relative floor measurements to enable accurate positioning and localisation in challenging navigation environments .

Common Applications


Operation Benefits

Indoor/ Outdoor - Both
Range - 40,000m2
Communication - Ethernet/UDP Ros Node (on request Ethercat, CAN, RS-232)
Dimensions (l x w x h) - 120 x 120 x 340 mm
Weight - 2.4kg

Technical Information

Technology - Positioning Technology
Area Coverage - 40,000m2

Product details

Effective Navigation can be challenging in AMR and AGV applications. The Jupiter system from Accerion is a breakthrough technology that can be integreated into existing platforms. The technology uses natural occuring ground 'landmarks' and combines relative and absolute data to deliver continuos reliable positioning data. The Jupiter positioning module enables fully autonomous navigation in challenging environments.

  • Accuracy - Relative: >99.8%
  • Weight - 2.4kg
  • Dimensions - 120 x 120 x 340mm
  • Clearance to Ground - 60mm (custom options available on request)
  • Vehicle Speed - 2 m/s subject to surface conditions
  • Area - 40,000 m2 (higher on request)
  • Power Consumption - < 25W (9-32V DC)
  • Communication Protocol - Ethernet/UDP Ros Node (on request Ethercat, CAN, RS-232)
  • Temperature - -10ºC - +50ºC
  • IP Rating - IP 65 (IP67 available on request)
  • Light Interference - No impact from external light