Safety Mat


SSZ manufacture a range of Safety Mats. These are ideal for protecting hazardous areas on machinery or within dangerous areas of a factory.

Common Applications

Personnel Protection
Hazardous Area Protection
Machinery Protection

Operation Benefits

These devices provide personnel protection in hazardous areas.
Mats contain SSZ's market leading sensor elements, which trigger an output when someone treads on mat,

Technical Information

Bespoke mats, made to different shapes and sizes
Range of materials available
Market leading sensor element
Supplied with SSZ Safety controller

Product details

These safety Mats from SSZ combine market-leading technology with expert manufacturing to provide a solution for protecting dangerous areas and machinery

The mats are produced to order & feature a high-quality SSZ sensor elements.

Due to the mats being bespoke, it means all area and machine sizes and shapes can be catered for.

The maximum dimensions are 3000m x 1500m but for bigger areas, multiple mats can be produced and combined.

A variety of interface connections are available on request.