Accurate measurement of speed over ground from 3.5 to 300 Kmph.

Operation Benefits

Indoor/ Outdoor - Both
Range - 3.5 to 300 Kmph
Scan window/ angle - NA
Communication - RS422 or pulsed output
Dimensions (l x w x h) - 100mm x 100mm x 42mm
Weight - 300g

Technical Information

Technology - Radar FMCW – Frequency modulated continuous wave 24,000-24,250Ghz
Range - 3.5m to 300 Kmph
Field of View - NA

Product details

The AT-SOG Type S Speed over Ground Radar is designed to be mounted on the vehicle and measures the movement in relation to the ground. This radar signals allow for very accurate speed and direction measurement. The Attingimus advanced filtering techniques combined with a robust and weather-proven IP67-housing produce a reliable sensor particularly suited for accurate speed measurement over difficult terrain.
The radar is installed on a vehicle with a 10° tilt, focusing the cone to a point 2m away, depending on the installation height. 4 seconds after switching on, the sensor measures both speed and direction information every 10ms with a mean accuracy of 99.5%. The data is transmitted via a serial RS422 telegram output. The AT-SOG can also be offered with a pulsed output.
The standard version is optimized for speed values between 3.5 - 300 km/h. For slower vehicles, the radar can be modified according to customer needs. The sensor uses the internationally approved 24 GHz ISM Band and is compliant with the European norm ETSI 300 440.

  • Accuracy - 99.50%
  • Radar frequency range - 24GHz ISM Band
  • Detection range - 3.5m to 300 Kmph
  • Mounting - 30cm above ground / 10° tilt
  • IP Rating - IP67
  • Connections - M12 5 pin supply and output
  • Output - RS 422
  • Supply voltage - 9-30vDC
  • Supply current - 140mA
  • Max current - NA
  • Response time - 10mS
  • Operating temp. - -20° to 60°
  • Storage temp. - -30° to 100°
  • Approvals (CE TUV UL CSA etc) - CE
  • UK EU ISO Standard compliance - ETSI EN 300 440 with 250MHz bandwidth
  • Case/material - Lower housing – Alg, black anodized, Housing cover – POM Plastic black
  • Weight - 300g