Guten Tag Germany – Sentek Solutions GmbH

A new office and new opportunities

We’re really excited to announce that our new office has opened in Germany. It will give us much greater access to an important market and it future proofs our connection to our customers in Europe.

The town of Lahr, in West Germany, has great transport links and is the perfect location for the home of our new German company, Sentek Solutions GmbH.

Why are we moving to Germany?

Opening a new company and office in Germany will help us reach more of the German market. Having a physical location in Germany, with an experienced employee based there, will open up more opportunities for us.

Then there’s Brexit. Sorry, we hate to mention it. But, with the high level of uncertainty around trade deals, and the future of imports and exports, Sentek Solutions GmbH gives us and our customers in Europe some much-needed assurances.

Steve Ansell, Managing Director of Sentek Solutions, said: “Germany represents a big opportunity for our products as there are a number of original equipment manufacturers located there. We want to protect our European connection and be able to maintain our sales and relationships, regardless of any Brexit implications.”

Jonas Ledergerber

Our new employee, Jonas, is joining us from a world-leading producer of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial automation applications. He has a diploma in business engineering and a wealth of experience in the industry, including more than a decade in the LiDAR business.

“I’m delighted that Jonas agreed to join us to manage Sentek Solutions GmbH. He has a huge amount of experience in the LiDAR field, and both I and the team at Sentek are excited to work with him and grow our customer base in the future,” said Steve.

Jonas will represent our German office and is responsible for the business development of the company. Away from work, Jonas enjoys playing in orchestras and cooking.

 Jonas Ledergerber from Sentek Solutions GmbH

If you’d like any more info on Sentek Solutions GmbH, Jonas, or anything to do with Germany just drop us an email.

How can we help you?

The creation of Sentek Solutions GmbH and addition of Jonas means Sentek is now more equipped than ever to deal with a wider variety of customers and projects whether it’s in the UK, Germany or somewhere in the rest of Europe.

Our office in the UK hasn’t changed and we’re still on hand to offer information about any of our products if you’d like to know more. Just give us a call or send us an email.

You can also stay up to date with all of our news and events by following us on Twitter.

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